10 reasons for modico

For you, the producer

Fast production
in 3 minutes from the artwork to a completed stamp


Easy application
simple handling of the device, safe process of production


Environmental friendly
clean production, without any emission


Low costs
small initial investment, no current costs


High margin of profit
low priced stamp components with a margin up to 80%


High durability
a quality product made in the EU with a 2 year guarantee

For your customers

Revolutionary design
modico® combines perfect function with aesthetics and ergonomics. Models in different sizes and up to 5 different variants of colours leave nothing to be desired.


Brilliant imprint quality
In this matter the modico® is unbeatable. Its resolution gets up to 600 dpi and puts full-tones onto the paper in a neat and smooth way. The modico® stamp is even able to produce half-tones in several shades


High durability
For our office stamps we issue a guarantee of 7 years against the drying-up of ink. With one fill up to 20.000 imprints are possible. The stamp can be refilled easily, textplate and ink-pad are replaceable.


Many capabilities
In addition to the 6 different stamp inks, stamps with fastdrying inks are also available at modico®. With those you can stamp on a variety of materials, e.g. photo paper, metal, synthetics, wood, ceramics, textiles...