become a modico dealer

Become a modico dealer and produce modico stamps for your customers – in just 3 minutes!

Become a modico dealer

As a certified modico dealer you make customized stamps for your customers yourself. All you need is a laser printer and a modico exposure system. This simple process is made possible by the Flash technology. The individual stamp imprint is created by the exposure of a microporous stamp plate using flashlight. The Flash techology replaces old, complex, costly and environmentally harmful methods of stamp production: the production is clean, simple and safe.

Benefits at
a glance

  1. low acquisition costs
  2. above-average profit margins
  3. individual, self-inking stamp in 3 minutes
  4. foolproof, inexpensive, clean and safe process
  5. single or multiple production with no additional costs
  6. environmentally friendly process: air filters and chemical waste are unnecessary
  7. up to 40.000 exposures per each individually replaceable lamp
  8. Product quality (CE approved) with 2 years warranty (Made in EU)

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Making stamps yourself is easy

  1. Design your stamp template (text, graphics or even photos) on your PC and print them out with a laser printer
  2. Put the printed template and the modico textplate into the modico exposure unit
  3. Press the Start-Button: After a few seconds  the textplate is exposed
  4. Put the stamp back together
  5. Ready!

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