Re-inking is so simple!

If your modico should once run out of ink, it's very easy to refill it.


How to re-ink your modico:

Remove the outer mount from the inner mount.

  1. Re-ink the ink-pad evenly by putting a couple of drops of ink through the three openings.
  2. Put the stamp back together.

 Alternatively, you can also replace the separately available ink pad.

Instructions for use:

To enjoy your stamp for as long as possible, please note the following instructions:

  • Re-ink your modico® stamp with original modico® stamp-ink only, or use a modico® replacement ink pad. Other stamp-inks are usually water-based and damage your modico® stamp.
  • The textplate of your stamp can be replaced individually. Replacement inkplates are available at your modico® dealer.
  • Keep your modico® away from direct sunlight and hight temperatures (e.g. in the car). This could cause drying out of the stamp-ink.
  • The stamp is not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts can be swallowed.