modico A-series

The stamp for professional use




The A12 and A25 modico® is our professional tool for tough permanent use. Whether as a test stamp in the industrial environment, stamping bonus cards or at admission control, the stamp made of one piece of aluminum makes a good impression.

Also for textile- and fast drying inks, the A-Series is perfectly suited.

The modico® A-series as a textile stamp.

Filled with the modico® FS-ink (fabric stamp), which was especially developed for marking textiles, the stamp of the modico® A-series leave a colour-fast imprint on many woven surfaces. Depending on surface, wash temperature and detergent, the color will stay for up to 50 times of washing.

Following materials can be stamped on:

• Labelling of service or childrens' clothing,

• Marking of hotel inventory such as towels

• Article and charge numbers on fabrics, and much more

The modico® A-series for smooth surfaces:

Filled with the modico® AS-ink (all surface), which was especially developed for marking non-porous surfaces, the stamps of the modico® A-series leave a fast drying and permanent imprint.  

Examples of use:

identification cards, plates (painted, unpainted), CDs, roof tiles, data carriers, discs, documents, tins, identification markings, barrels, labels (laminated, painted), folded boxes (laminated, painted), photos, photobags, driving licenses, rigid foam, high gloss brochures, jute bags, printed boards, engine parts, adhesive tapes, passports, identification cards, tarpaulins, quality controls, pipes (plastic, metal), bags (paper), signs, steel ware, stamp-knobs, wallpapers, clay, videotapes, rolled sheet metals, tin foils.

100% lead-free aluminium - kind to health and environment:

In developing the modico A-series we deliberately avoided leaded aluminum, although this still applies as a standard in the industry. But unlike other aluminum products, the user has a stamp in his hand several times a day. Lead and lead compounds are among the most dangerous CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction). Heavy metals also are problematic in the waste and recycling process because they are toxic. The special alloy modico® is using is more expensive, the process is time consuming and tool wear is higher. But modico® takes its responsibilities for work safety and environmental protection.

Technical specifications


modico A12

Outer dimensions: 107 x Ø 21 mm
Weight (without package): 52 g
Imprint max: Ø 12 mm

First filling when using
modico Office-Ink: 0,5 ml
modico AS-Ink: 0,6 ml
modico FS-Ink: 0,5 ml


modico A25

Outer dimensions: 64 x Ø 38 mm
Weight (without package): 60 g
Imprint max: Ø 25 mm

First filling when using

modico Office-Ink: 2,2 ml
modico AS-Ink: 2,6 ml
modico FS-Ink: 2,2 ml