modico eggstamp

The stamp for marking eggs.



The eggid eggstamp by modico® was originally developed for agricultural businesses to stamp quickly and easily the producer code on the freshly laid eggs. With the eggid eggstamp you neither need a separate ink pad nor need to touch the eggs for stamping. Your breakfast guests will be surprised when their eggs are imprinted with short messages. Choose from our many templates or create your own design for the boiled eggs in your restaurant.

Surprise your guests at breakfast!


with a morning greeting (Good morning, Bonjour, Have a nice day!...)
• with the name or logo of your hotel, restaurant, café...
• with the boiling time (5 min., 10 min., soft, hard...)
• with the quality or origin of the eggs (organic, fresh from the farm, from the region, free range...)
with a reference to the region (Welcome to NY, I love Sydney ...)
with symbols (Easter, lucky charms, smileys ...)

More information on the modico eggstamp

  • Stamps without effort and without danger of breakage thanks to a soft, flexible stamp plate
  • certified stamp ink for the labeling of eggs in black, red and green
  • up to 20.000 imprints per ink filling, then simply refillable 
  • Stamp imprint max: Ø 16 mm
  • External dimensions: 74 mm x Ø 43 mm
  • Weight without package: 20,5 g
  • Refill stamp ink: 5 x 1,5ml bottles


In our video we show you
the application of the egg stamp.