modico® golf ball stamp

The stamp for marking golf balls.




The golf ball stamp by modico® revolutionizes the stamping of golf balls. It has never been easier to personalize a golf ball yourself. With light pressure the stamp made of high quality aluminum puts a clean imprint of the individual motif onto the golf ball. The imprint is dry after a few seconds and no longer wipeable.



Suitable graphics are initials or simple symbols, logos or emblems can also be imaged. The diameter of the stamp is max. 12 or 25 mm. Available ink colors: black, blue, red and green. The stamp can be easily refilled. This way you will take long pleasure in the product.





modico A12

Outer dimensions: 107 x Ø 21 mm
(without package): 52 g
max: Ø 12 mm


modico Golfballstempelfarbe: 6 Tropfen

modico A25

Outer dimensions: 64 x Ø 38 mm
Weight (without package): 60 g
Imprint max: Ø 25 mm

modico Golfballstempelfarbe: 22 Tropfen

Features of the modico golf ball stamp

  • exclusive design
  • high-quality manufacture
  • perfect stamp imprint
  • easy to refill
  • Stamping ink in black, blue, red and green
  • with optional gift packaging