modico M-Series

The stamp for the every day office life.

The modico® M-series is the reliable hand in your office life. Components of the highest quality and a perfect
manufacture guarantee a long durability of the stamp and a precise imprint. With one ink-cartridge you can
make up to 20.000 imprints – indelible, of course. Mapping values up to a size of 98 x 69mm can be realised without any problems.

modico 2
37mm x 11mm
modico 3
49mm x 15mm
modico 4
57mm x 20mm
modico 5
63mm x 24mm
modico 6
63mm x 33mm
modico 10
89mm x 44mm
modico 12
80mm x 62mm
modico 14
98mm x 69mm
modico R45
∅ 42mm