modico QR-Code Stamp

The stamp for your digital data.




Originally developed in the 90s for the Japanese automobile industry, QR codes are now used in many areas of daily life. A QR code can be read with a barcode scanner or a smart phone if an appropriate app (software) was installed. The letters QR in QR-code stands for "Quick Response".

codes arouse curiosity and direct you to:

  • Promotion-Websites
  • Weekly or monthly offers
  • Websites oder PDF files with further information
  • Profiles in social networks
  • Contact forms or email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Information texts

Stamping digital business cards - all data in your smartphone immediately!


With this new idea of a QR-code stamp, all contact information (name, address, telephone numbers, email, website) shown on the stamp can be coded as a MeCard in a in the QR code. The stamp does not only contain the data in clear text, but also as a QR code.

The user scans the QR code with his smartphone. The data is read and immediately converted into a contact-dataset* that can be processed directly.

QR app must be installed. The automatic conversion of a MeCard in a contact must be supported by the operating system used by mobile phone.