modico S-series

The stamp pen for mobile stamping


The modico® S-series combines fountain pen, roller ball pen or ballpen with the perfect stamp technology. With the exclusive writing instruments of the S-series, your personal stamp is always with you, for example to complement your signature. The modico pen stamps are available in many different mount variations. The modico S-series - also an idea for a very personal gift.



Kugelschreiber S31

Rundmattiert hartverchromt

Kugelschreiber S32


Kugelschreiber S33

Mattlackiert schwarz,



Kugelschreiber S34

Mattlackiert schwarz,



Kugelschreiber S35

Rot-schwarz marmoriert, hartvergoldet

Kugelschreiber S36

Guillochiert, hartvergoldet

Kugelschreiber S41

Verchromt, vernickelt

Kugelschreiber S42

Schwarzlackiert, vernickelt