modico® Security Stamp

For your data security.




With the modico® Security Stamp, confidential information can be made unreadable. Compared to the black marker which is often used for this purpose, the imprint of the security stamp looks much more professional. The application is also more secure, because it overwrites the information neatly with a special pattern.



Applications of the Security Stamp:

  • as a "shredder" to go
  • protection against address theft in waste paper and fraudulent internet and catalogue orders with stolen address data, bank details, credit card information and Social Security numbers
  • defacing of customer or supplier names and prices in quotations, invoices, delivery notes, etc.
  • to blacken confidential information in archives
  • for deleting information before the transfer of bank statements, pay slips, balance sheets, etc.

The security stamp is available in the following imprint sizes:

modico 2

Imprint Size: 35 x 10mm
Mount Color: blue
Imprint Color: black

modico 3

Imprint Size: 48 x 14mm
Mount Color: blue
Imprint Color: black

modico 4

Imprint Size: 56 x 19mm
Mount Color: blue
Imprint Color: black